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Hair Salon Carli France


The no less essential Mademoiselle armchair. Elegance and sobriety a whole poem

A real haven of peace at the bottom of a Parisian courtyard. A well-hidden setting for the genius colorist Pierre Carli .A contemporary, refined space whose key words are: expertise, simplicity and relaxation .This space signed by the designers of Nouvelles Substances is a real graphic stroll, an ode to his native Provence: a dazzling lavender blue, bathed in the softness of the ocher of the setting sun, and the symbolism of the olive tree for peace and quietude. .With a tray area signed PALLADIUM DESIGN with the iconic Fly, which allows you to perform deep treatments in a comfortable and stylish tray

Salon de coiffure Carli France
Salon de coiffure Carli France
Salon de coiffure Carli France
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