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Vanessa Ghorayeb

Vanessa Ghorayeb
General Manager

Behind the name

Our story and expertise

If Cindarella has earned a reputation for its expertise and innovation, it is thanks to you – our loyal community of hairdressers and salon owners – who have inspired us over the years.
The tradition of French design, on the other hand, has taught us the value of timeless design, respect for true craftsmanship and authenticity, a love of materials, attention to detail.

About our brand

Hairdresser salon


Comfort & excellence

Fauteuils de coiffure

Styling chairs

Bacs à shampoing


Meubles et coiffeuses

Styling units and Mirrors

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Our work

More than a hair salon

Discover our work


We know that every salon, every project you trust us with is precious.
Your salon is an extension of you, and we want to create a space that reflects your unique identity.
You have a story, and we cannot wait to help you tell it through your new premises. Premises that you will love to share, feel inspired by and in turn inspire us to dream bigger and better.



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Event: MCB 2021

Évenement : MCB 2021

27 JULY 2021

Create spaces that reflect you

Create spaces that reflect you

27 JULY 2021

New catalog

New catalog

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